Quate Capabilities


Underground Piping

Quate Industrial Service has installed underground pipe systems for many industrial and private customers.  We have completed installations varying in size from $15,000.00 to $3,100,000.00.  The systems are used for steam, condensate, chill water, fuel oil, glycol, slurry and other flowable products.  We have used many products including preinsulated, insulated and wrapped, epoxy coated, HDPE, stainless steel and carbon steel pipe.  Due to the number of jobs, job locations, soil conditions and product transferred, we have used systems from many of the industry’s leading manufacturer’s.

Shutdown Services

Quate Industrial Service is available for emergency and scheduled plant shutdown services.  Over several years we have tackled some of the most challenging installations, replacements and repairs that can be conceived.  Whether it includes major pipe replacement, equipment installation or a full scope multi-task outage; we have the experience to plan and execute the tasks to meet your requirements.  Our relationship with our vendor and subcontractor base allows us to identify and place the qualified people necessary to accomplish the plant maintenance tasks.

Boiler Retubing & Pressure Vessel Repair

In 1995 Quate Industrial Service, Inc. applied for and earned the NBIC “R” Stamp and ASME “S” Stamp.  The “R” Stamp allows us to make field repairs and alterations to pressure vessel.  The “S” Stamp allows us to design and fabricate pressure parts, field erect boilers and fabricate and install “PP” piping.  Examples of our capabilities include fabrication of code spools, tube repairs, B31.1 piping, and boiler or pressure vessel retubing or repairs.  We have used the stamps in power generation facilities, pharmaceutical, biotech, and food and beverage companies, and state and federal institutions.